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Sediment removal program to commence in the Lower Vasse River

  • McGowan Government contributes $350,000 towards sediment removal in the Lower Vasse River in Busselton
  • Important work funded through the $25 million Healthy Estuaries WA program
  • Sediment removal works are a high priority to improve water quality in the river and reduce algal blooms
  • Sediment removal is a key management action under the Lower Vasse River Waterway Management Plan

Water Minister Dave Kelly today announced the commencement of a sediment removal program in the Lower Vasse River in Busselton to improve local water quality.

Funding for this work has been provided through the McGowan Government’s $25 million Healthy Estuaries WA program under the oversight of the Vasse Taskforce.

The City of Busselton is co-funding and leading this project, which is expected to remove 15,000 cubic metres of sediment along an 800 metre stretch of the river. The project will commence this month and is expected to take approximately 10 weeks.

The Lower Vasse River flows through the centre of Busselton and has experienced significant water quality problems during the summer months, which can have negative impacts on the local community.

Sediment has accumulated in the river for many decades and in some areas can be up to one metre deep. Sediments accumulate from organic material from the urban and rural catchments, and from algal growth and decay.

Significant work has been undertaken in the past two decades to reduce nutrient levels in the rural and urban catchments, however the organic sediment in the river continues to drive algal blooms.

The sediment removal program is part of the Revitalising Geographe Waterways initiative under the McGowan Government’s Healthy Estuaries WA program, which supports restoration and management activities in estuaries across the South-West. More information on this program can be found at

Comments attributed to Water Minister Dave Kelly:

“This project will help to remove one of the sources of nutrients in the river which can fuel algal growth.

“Improving the health of the Lower Vasse River through the sediment removal program will contribute to improving amenity issues during the summer months, so the local community can continue to enjoy this important ecosystem.”

Comments attributed to South West Region MLC Jackie Jarvis:

“The McGowan Government’s Healthy Estuaries WA program is delivering improvements to waterways across the South-West, including the Geographe catchment.

“Addressing water quality in the Lower Vasse River is a focus for me as Chair of the Vasse Taskforce.

“The Lower Vasse River is an important habitat for native freshwater fish, turtles, frogs and waterbirds.”

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