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Time to make better fertiliser choices

Farmers from across the Geographe catchment are set to receive expert advice on improving their productivity, and bottom line, by keeping nutrients on the farm and out of waterways.

Close to 30 farmers who took part in the Revitalising Geographe Waterways fertiliser management program this year, will receive their soil test results and nutrient mapping reports, and interpretation advice at workshops being held on February 22.

GeoCatch project officer Bree Brown said grazing farmers involved in the program received subsidised soil testing across each paddock of their farm.

“After a number of months engaging, surveying, testing, analysing and reporting, farmers will receive their colour nutrient maps showing paddock specific nutrient status to help them make better fertiliser decisions.

“Local agronomists will also be on hand to help interpret those results,” said Ms Brown.

Grazing farmers who are interested in participating in the 2018 fertiliser management program are encouraged to attend the workshop, where subjects such as soil testing basics, equipment, analysis, interpreting results, understanding limits and constraints and preparing fertiliser strategies will be discussed in a relaxed environment. Results from recent pasture trials will also be presented.

Local farmer, Arthur Harris, who was involved in the fertiliser management program last year, will be attending the workshop again in 2018 to gain more information that will help him to keep refining fertiliser management on his Chapman Hill property near Busselton.

“Taking part in the soil testing project documented the extent of suspected acidity in my soils, an unexpected whole farm potassium deficiency, and adequate amounts of Nitrogen; enabling me to appropriately alter my fertiliser and lime orders just days before delivery”, said Arthur.

If you would like to join other local farmers at the workshop being held on Thursday 22 February 2018 from 10:00am to 2:00pm at the Vasse Research Station, or for more information on taking part in the next round of the program this year, contact Bree at GeoCatch on 97810 111.

The Revitalising Geographe Waterways fertiliser management program is a partnership between farmers, industry groups and GeoCatch to reduce the nutrient run-off from farms, benefiting both productivity on farms and water quality in Geographe Waterways.

The Revitalising Geographe Waterways initiative is supported by Royalties for Regions to improve water quality, waterway health and management of Geographe waterways.

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