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Vasse Diversion Drain Works Begin

Have you noticed the large pile of boulders and rocks near the Vasse Diversion Drain on Bussell Highway? Keep a close eye on this site, because site preparation works are now underway for the Vasse Diversion Drain Enhancement.

The project, led by GeoCatch in partnership with the Water Corporation and City of Busselton will be a demonstration site to showcase improved waterway health and drainage management along the lower section of the drain.

Preliminary works include several rounds of weed removal on the banks of the drain and fencing to manage public access down the banks. Local limestone rocks for erosion control has been donated by Leeuwin Civil and signage has been erected at the site to help inform people about the enhancement project in more detail.

“The Water Corporation has contributed additional funding to upgrade the northern end of the old depot site to create a parking and picnic area. The community will be able to utilise the site through the enhancement of the nearby old depot on the southern side of Bussell Highway”, project officer Matt Beahan said.

GeoCatch will enhance this site with the establishment of a waterwise low nutrient ‘Bay OK’ garden.

“The high traffic location of this land makes it ideal for a demonstration site to showcase just how attractive and efficient these styles of gardens can be, while having a positive impact on the environment through less nutrient runoff and providing habitat for wildlife” said Matt.

Following development of a Concept Design in March 2018, more detailed engineering and landscaping designs have now been finalised for the site and include ‘soft’ engineering for erosion and bank stabilisation, revegetation with native species, new park benches and a viewing platform.

This project aims to enhance natural habitat for native wildlife, stabilise bank erosion and improve water quality while also providing a more aesthetically pleasing landscape for the public to enjoy.

The project is funded through the State Government’s Revitalising Geographe Waterways Program which aims to improve water quality, waterway health and waterways management in the Geographe catchment.

You can view the Design on the Revitalising Geographe Waterways website or for more information contact Matt Beahan at GeoCatch on 9781 0111 or


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