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Bay OK Garden on show!

GeoCatch hosted its first ever Bay OK garden party on the weekend, with gardening celebrity Chris Ferreira joining passionate home gardener and Bay OK Project Officer, Lisa Massey, to showcase her Bay OK garden in Busselton.

The Forever Project’s Chris Ferreira took 80 visitors on two hour-long walks through the garden, sharing practical tips and advice on how to garden successfully.

Walking through the features of Lisa’s garden, Chris talked about how to amend sandy soil, make good compost, create healthy soil and plants, and incorporate biodiversity into the backyard.

Lisa said as well as being productive, functional and healthy, her garden is also having a positive impact on our environment by protecting local waterways and Geographe Bay.

“Using Bay OK principles has helped me reduce my fertiliser and water use in the garden” said Lisa.

“Many gardeners mistakenly apply fertiliser when their plants actually need something else.”

“Hopefully we were able to show people how a low nutrient and water efficient garden can be both beautiful and low maintenance.”

Feedback from attendees was very positive, with most making commitments to incorporate Bay OK principles into their own garden.

“I plan to use more clay and less fertiliser and also use soil wetter to prevent run-off” said one participant.

Implementing some simple changes will help these gardeners keep water and nutrients in their gardens, and out of waterways and Geographe Bay.

GeoCatch’s Bay OK project is part of the Revitalising Geographe Waterways program which is supported by the State Government to improve water quality, waterway health and management of Geographe waterways.

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